Features and benefits

Designing, developing and testing your own sportsbook from scratch is a time consuming and arduous process. We know; it took us three years to get the basics down and months of rigorous testing to ensure our white label sportsbook product was secure, stable and a joy to use. Of course, if you have the time and money, you could create your own software, but you will need a lot of both. Then you need to think about hiring the staff to design, develop, support and manage the software. On top of that you will need to find stable hosting, watertight security and effective payment gateways.

If you’d rather get on with business and concentrate on bringing customers to your site, why not take advantage of our white label sportsbook platform? Essentially, you will rent the software, paying the most affordable annual fee on the market, which normally equates to around 10% of your monthly profits. Many of our customers make this initial investment back within three months. There are no hidden fees or charges, so once you’re up and running you can concentrate on making money.

Simply contact us and you can be good to go in just three weeks. During this time, we will design and brand your site, building up from our white label sportsbook software, creating a customized site tailored to your specific needs.

Below we’ve listed just some of the benefits you will enjoy when you use our white label sportsbook.

  • Pay once a year and enjoy hosting, security, data feeds, markets, customer support and much more, with no additional charges.
  • With a choice of three affordable payment plans, we’re able to cater to anyone from small startups to existing businesses.
  • No need to hire any additional staff – the services of designers, developers and support staff are all included in the annual fee.
  • Ready to go, quick and easy implementation fully customized to your brand.
  • A range of fantastic marketing tools are included to help you bring business to your site, including our renowned affiliate program.
  • Access to the latest sports and markets, with real time updates.
  • A professional, well designed, user friendly front end that renders flawlessly over a huge range of devices.
  • With advanced admin control panels, you have full control over your site and are free to customize it as and when you see fit.

The reassurance that you’re working with an experienced, professional team, on a platform that is tried and tested.